The Ultimate Guide to Champion Direct: Storage and Composition Products

The Ultimate Guide to Champion Direct: Storage and Composition Products

Regarding tools and equipment, durability and organization are essential. Champion Direct provides a selection of premium storage and composition goods to satisfy professional needs and do-it-yourself interests. These devices guarantee that your tools are always within reach and covered, from strong toolboxes to flexible trolleys. We will discuss what distinguishes Champion Direct’s storage and composition items on this blog, together with a thorough analysis of some of their best products: the metal toolboxes with five compartments, the 20′- PROVAG textile toolbox, and the FatMax® dual-material trolley.

What Are Storage and Composition Products?

Products classified as storage and composition goods are those meant for protecting, organizing, and storing tools and equipment. Anyone who must maintain readily available instruments in good shape requires these products, which range from small toolboxes and bags to big, fixed storage cabinets and trolleys. These goods mainly provide tools in a disciplined place, preventing damage and loss and improving workflow.

Uses of Storage and Composition Products:

  • Maintaining instruments that are arranged and easily accessible helps to save time spent looking for the correct one.
  • Protection equipment from environmental elements include impact damage, moisture, and dust.
  • Tools should be easily transported, especially on job sites where mobility is vital.
  • Tools set methodically and efficiently accessible help to improve work productivity.

Champion Direct’s Top Storage and Composition Products

FatMax® Dual-Material Trolley:

Professionals on the run will find the adaptable and robust FatMax® dual-material trolley ideal for storage. This trolley provides the best of both worlds regarding durability and lightweight convenience by combining a strong plastic base with a durable fabric top part. Although the various compartments and pockets guarantee that tools are well-organized and readily available, the big wheels and telescopic handle make moving simple, especially on uneven ground.

A 50 cm pad-lockable tool chest with an integrated tool holder is made of removable components. It has big metal clips with anti-corrosion properties. Two 10 cm deep drawers are set above ball-bearing slides. The wheel radius is 175 mm.

More specifically:

  • Capacity: 63 liters.
  • Dimensions: 560 by 400 by 820 mm.

Strong points:

Big capacity box: perfect for keeping portable power tools. Simultaneous access to all the sections. 

20” PROBAG Textile Toolbox:

For individuals who require a lightweight yet robust toolbag, the 20′- PROBAG textile toolbox offers a flexible and robust storage solution. This toolkit is designed from premium fabrics and has heavy-duty zippers and reinforced stitching to resist everyday wear and tear. While the padded shoulder strap guarantees comfortable transportation, the several internal and external pockets offer enough area for various tools. Perfect for plumbers, electricians, and other tradespeople, this toolkit maintains tools in order and is ready for any job.

Fabric that lasts. Robust and waterproof hold. Metal handle. Handle with a leather grip. Shoulder strap with padding. Soft closing on top. Stretchy strap for holding tools. Unique screwdriver divide. The hold is easy to get to and has many side pockets.


  • 1200 x 1200 denier.
  • Helpful size: 47 liters.
  • 15 kg of storage burden.
  • Size: 520 mm x 250 mm x 360 mm.
  • 2.79 kg in weight. 

Metal Tool Boxes with 5 Compartments:

For tool storage, the five-compartment metal toolboxes provide a conventional and quite robust alternative. Designed from heavy-gauge steel, these toolboxes are robust and offer outstanding defense against theft and damage to tools. The five sections enable effective tool organization, therefore facilitating quick access to the correct tool. Offering dependable storage for a range of tools, these metal toolboxes are ideal for both personal and professional use with their strong handle and secure clasp.

This toolbox comprises five metal sections weighing 4 kg and 4.6 kg (large type).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What materials are Champion Direct’s storage products made from?

Champion Direct’s storage goods are made from a range of materials, including high-gauge steel, robust fabrics, and heavy-duty plastics, and They guarantee they can resist daily use and harsh circumstances.

Q: How do I choose the proper storage solution for my tools?

Consider your mobility requirements, tool type, count, and work surroundings. A robust metal toolbox for stationary applications is ideal; a dual-material trolley provides exceptional mobility.

Q: Are these products suitable for both professional and home use?

Indeed, Champion Direct’s products offer dependable and practical storage options for many uses, satisfying the needs of professionals and do-it-yourselfers.

Reviews of Champion Direct’s Top Products

  • FatMax® Dual-Material Trolley

Review: For my job on building sites, the FatMax® twin-material trolley has changed everything. Fabric and plastic combined create a lightweight yet remarkably strong material. The telescoping handle is robust and reaches a comfortable height; the big wheels slide over uneven ground with ease. My tools are perfectly arranged in several pockets and compartments, guaranteeing fast access to all I need. Any expert who regularly moves tools around requires this essential gear.

  • 20” PROBAG Textile Toolbox

Review: The 20″ PROBAG textile toolkit surpasses my expectations. It’s strong enough to bear the daily stresses of my electrical work and lightweight. The many pockets, both inside and outside, are great for keeping all of my tools orderly. The padded shoulder strap especially helps me since it makes carrying even with maximum weight comfortable. Any tradesperson would find this toolbox excellent since it combines durability and convenience in the optimum balance.

  • Metal Tool Boxes with 5 Compartments

Review: The metal totoolbox recently bought with five sections has dramatically improved my workshop. The very robust heavy-gauge steel construction will protect my tools. The five sections are roomy and let me quickly arrange my instruments. I never worry about the handle opening unintentionally, as the latch locks snugly, and it is vital. Anyone who appreciates organization and longevity has to have this toolkit.


Designed with the customer in mind, Champion Direct’s storage and composition products offer sensible, robust, practical answers for tool organization and storage. Whether you enjoy do-it-yourself projects or are a professional tradesperson, the FatMax® dual-material trolley, 20′- PROBAG textile toolbox, and metal toolboxes with five sections provide excellent quality and usefulness. Purchasing these products helps you invest in the lifetime and efficiency of your tools, simplifying and increasing your job output. For all your storage and composition requirements, use Champion Direct; feel the difference in quality and performance.

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