Discover the Dreamy World of Childhome Toddler & Baby Beds

Discover the Dreamy World of Childhome Toddler & Baby Beds

With its fantastic assortment of toddler and baby beds, Childhome leads the design of the ideal sleeping space for your children. Childhome beds meet every child’s needs by combining safety, comfort, and elegant design, perfectly fitting into any nursery or bedroom décor. Let’s examine some outstanding items from their fantastic collection that will make your child’s bedtime a joyful event.

Overview of Childhouse’s Whole Collection:

Childhome has many baby and toddler beds, each created with great attention to detail. Their collection spans cribs and grow-along beds to creative house-shaped beds. Using premium materials that are both durable and aesthetically beautiful, every component is made to provide maximum safety and comfort. Childhome has something ideal for every family, whether your search is for a bed that expands with your child or a distinctive style that inspires their imagination.

Nordica Naturel – Bed – 70×140 Cm:

The Nordica Natural bed is a lovely fusion of beauty and simplicity. Measuring 70×140 cm gives your child plenty of room for comfortable sleeping. Made from premium materials, this bed has a simple design with naturally occurring wood tones that give any home some Scandinavian appeal. Apart from being a fashionable addition to your house, the Nordica Naturel bed is a strong and safe option for your child’s peaceful evenings.

Here is a quick look at some significant benefits:

  • High-quality wood bed with a classic look.
  • Three heights can be set for the slatted base.
  • Long-term use: can be turned into a child bed.

Details that are important:

150 cm long, 80 cm wide, and 90 cm high.

What it is:

  • Melamine and Oak
  • EN 716 and EN 71-3 are the standards.

Care and Repair:

Bold Blue – Grow-along Bed – 70×140 Cm + Side Slats

The Bold Blue Grow-along bed is meant to change with your child’s requirements. Originally a cot and then a toddler bed, this adaptable item guarantees long-term use. The vivid blue hue provides a whimsical touch, which makes the evening a pleasant and appealing event. This bed offers extra safety for your child with the incorporated side slats so you may relax knowing they are secure. Measuring 70×140 cm, it’s the ideal mix between utility and flair.

Essential resources at a cursory glance:

  • Modern blue cot with sturdy hardwood construction.
  • The slatted base is changeable in three heights.
  • Convertible into a toddler bed for years of enjoyment.

Crucially important criteria

  • Dimensions: 175.0 x 75.0 x 95.0 cm.


  • The furniture board
  • EN Standard: EN 716 under EN 71-3

Repair: Maintenance: 

House Bed – 70×140 Cm – Wood – Natural:

The House Bed will help your youngster to explore their imagination. Designed to seem like a lovely little cottage, this 70×140 cm hardwood bed offers a unique and enchanting sleeping place. Any décor will be complemented by the natural wood finish, which creates a pleasant environment. This bed is ideal for promoting imaginative play and transforming nighttime into an adventure. It’s a unique haven where dreams come to life, not only somewhere to sleep.

A quick look at some essential items:

  • The most cosy cot for all kids.
  • Take a dream vacation under your roof.
  • With the right extras, it can be fully customised to your taste.
  • Easy to put together.

Important details

  • The size is 148.0 x 78.0 x 138.0 cm.
  • Beech wood is used.
  • BS 8509, FSC is the EN standard.

Maintenance: Wipe it down with a wet cloth and dry it immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Are Child beds easy to assemble?

A: All Childhome beds have comprehensive instructions and the required hardware for quick and simple assembly.

Q: What materials are used in child beds?

A: Child house beds are made from premium, robust materials like MDF and solid wood, which guarantee lifetime and safety.

Q: Can the grow-along bed be adjusted without professional help?

A: Indeed, the grow-along bed is made for simple adjustment by parents, enabling you to change the bed as your child develops without professional help.

Reviews of Featured Products!

  • Nordica Naturel – Bed – 70×140 Cm

“We love how simple and classy the Nordica Naturel bed is.” We love how it fits in our nursery and how well our toddler sleeps in it. The quality is excellent, and we like the finish, which looks like natural wood. — Amy L.

“The Nordica Naturel bed is a great addition to our house. It’s stylish and strong, and our child loves it so much. It’s very strongly suggested!”—Jack M.

  • Bold Blue – Grow-along Bed – 70×140 Cm + Side Slats

“This grow-along bed is great!” Its bright blue color makes us so happy, and the fact that it can grow with our child is a great feature. We also like that the side bars make it safer, which is a big plus. Sarah K.

“The Bold Blue bed is excellent for our child. It’s both fun and valuable. We love how their room looks now that they have a toddler bed instead of a cot. – David P.

  • House Bed – 70×140 Cm – Wood – Natural

“The House Bed has made our child’s room feel like a magical place.” They love their little house, which makes going to bed much more fun. It was easy to put together, and the quality was excellent. — Lisa G.

“What a beautiful and exciting bed! Our child plays for hours in their house bed. It’s strong, safe, and the room’s focal point. — Mark R.

The Final Statement:

Beyond mere furniture, Childhome’s toddler and infant beds are carefully crafted items that improve the whole bedtime experience for parents and children. Childhome guarantees that every bed is an excellent mix of utility and design with an eye on safety, durability, and visual appeal. Every item seems to make your child’s sleep environment joyful and comfortable, from the sophisticated Nordica Naturel to the adaptable Bold Blue Grow-along bed to the magical House Bed. Discover the ideal bed from Childhome’s selection to provide your child with a warm, comfortable, and dream-filled environment.

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