Experience the Brightness of Lighting with Auxbeam|Get the Best Collection of LED Light Bars and Panels

Experience the Brightness of Lighting with Auxbeam|Get the Best Collection of LED Light Bars and Panels

Discover a world that is bright and simple to use. LED lights and switch panels will make your car brighter. they will be fine. The main goal is to make everything as easy as possible for you, from operating to installation. You can light up your car with just a flick of the switch. Come with us as we make your world look better and be easier to understand.

The Beginning of the Auxbeam:

Auxbeam’s goal since the beginning of 2008 has been to get as many people as possible to enjoy off-roading and the great outdoors with them. Thanks a lot to Auxbeam for their updated, reasonably priced, high-quality goods. They also have excellent customer service. They now have the most sales.

The main thing that Auxbeam does these days is offer an extensive range of outdoor car repair parts at reasonable prices to meet the needs of many customers. They sell many things, including LED lights, racks and carriers, car parts, and items.

  • It’s the Best Thing about P4 Series Modes Led Pods Driving Lights from Auxbeam

The P4 Series Modes LED Pods Driving Lights from Auxbeam give you the best sight on the road. These lights make driving safer, more comfortable, and more accessible. Auxbeam’s LED pods are reliable and robust so you can light your way with peace of mind. These pods are great additions to any car’s lighting system.

  • Fun Times Spent With Ra80 X2 RGB Switch Panel

You can get the RA80 X2 RGB Switch Panel Toggle from Auxbeam. The simple device fits right into your setup, making controlling RGB lights easier. With a few simple toggles, you can change your lights to make driving more fun and bright. The reliable and easy-to-use switch panel from Auxbeam will improve your car’s appearance.

  • Personal Opinion on High Power and Brightness Gx Bi-Color Series

Auxbeam High Power and Brightness GX Bi-Color Series is the most up-to-date way to light up your car. With their excellent brightness and ability to change between two colors, these lights make driving safer and more comfortable. The GX Bi-Color Series from Auxbeam is easy to set up and use, and it claims to work well and be convenient while driving.

A Brief Synopsis of Their Collection:

Auxbeam offers an extensive range of high-quality car lighting choices. Their products, which include powerful driving lights and easy-to-use switch panels, promise easy installation, excellent performance, and cutting-edge features that make driving safer and more fun for fans.

P4 Series Modes Led Pods Driving Lights

Auxbeam’s P4 Series Modes LED Pods Driving lights change how well you can see on the road. These lights look good and have different modes, making them more useful in various driving conditions. These lights are easy to put in place and provide a robust, focused beam that makes driving safe and easy. Auxbeam wants these lights to last because they are waterproof. If you replace your car’s lights with the P4 Series, you can drive safely during the day or at night. These lights are both stylish and functional. Auxbeam keeps developing cutting-edge ways to keep roads well-lit and cars safe.

Highlighted Features:

  • The 90W LED pods give off an amazing 9000 lumens of light, making them very bright.
  • It has 6 lighting modes, such as spot and flood beams, that can be used in a variety of driving situations.
  • Its strong construction makes it last a long time and is good for off-road activities.
  • Made to be easy to set up, so it can be quickly added to different cars.

Specification of the Product:

  • Power: 90W (45W each)
  • Brightness: 9000LM (4500LM/pcs)
  • Pattern of the beam: Spot LENS.
  • Aluminum is used for the housing.
  • The bracket is made of stainless steel.
  • Lens made of PC.
  • Light color: white and amber.
  • 5050 chips for lamp beads.

Ra80 X2 RGB Switch Panel, Toggle

Auxbeam’s RA80 X2 RGB Switch Panel combines advanced control with simple usability. It’s easy to use because it has toggles, allows pulsed and momentary modes, and lets you change the RGB lighting in many ways. Users have complete control over their lighting because the design is flexible and can be used with any system. This new and improved switch panel will improve your driving experience with its colorful RGB choices. The RA80 X2 is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to fully control and efficiently handle their car’s lighting. This is because Auxbeam is always putting out new and high-quality products.

Highlighted Features:

  • RGB lights Control: The RA80 X2 switch panel lets you control and change the RGB lights.
  • Toggle switches that are easy to use: comes with toggle switches for easy control and ease.
  • Easy Installation: Made to be easily and quickly installed in a variety of cars.
  • Strong Construction: Strong construction guarantees long life and effective use.
  • Compatibility with a Variety of Extra Lights and Accessories: This light can be used with a variety of extra lights and accessories.

Specification of the Product:

  • Voltage for work: DC 12-24V
  • Up to 60A of current
  • 12V 20A or 24V 10A is the rated power.
  • With 12 Volts, it can handle up to 720W of power.
  • Maximum power of 1400W when running at 24 Volts
  • How the switch works: on/off
  • Temperature range for use: -40°C to +105°C

High Power and Brightness Gx Bi-Color Led

The High Power and Brightness GX Bi-Color Series from Auxbeam shines with an impressive 25,000 lumens and 110 watts of LED light. This powerful lighting system can change between two colors and works very well, so drivers can change the lighting to fit their needs or the road conditions. The GX Bi-Color Series puts usability and longevity first to provide reliable and helpful lighting for many vehicles, such as trucks and off-road trips. Know that Auxbeam is committed to offering the best lighting solutions for cars so you can confidently drive.

Highlighted Features:

  • With 12 6075CPS LED chips in each bulb, it has a clear beam that goes all the way around and doesn’t leave any blank spots.
  • 110W 25000LM per set gives off more light than halogen bulbs, 650% more light.
  • 6500K white +3000K golden yellow gives off more light and a wider range of colors, so you can see clearly when driving in heavy rain or thick fog.

Specification of the Product:

  • 6075 CSP is the type of LED (a 75 mil bigger LED).
  • 110W of power (2 PCs)
  • Number of LEDs (per bulb): 
  • 12 pieces (single beam socket)
  • 25000 LM of effective lumens (2 pieces)
  • 4.5A (±0.2A) of current is drawn.
  • Voltage for use: 9–13V

The Ending Point:

To summarize, Auxbeam is an excellent example of quality and new ideas in the car lighting industry. Auxbeam is always coming up with new ways to make roads safer. Some of its cutting-edge goods are the mighty High Power and Brightness GX Bi-Color Series and the flexible P4 Series Modes LED Pods. With a commitment to ease of installation, durability, and top performance, Auxbeam’s lighting options make driving more enjoyable.

It’s reliable and stylish; Auxbeam lights the way, whether you’re going over rough terrain or making things look better. Auxbeam is a name you can trust for all of life’s adventures. It lights up the roads and the trip, giving you the best light, safety, and confidence.

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