Feel Confident and Stylish Glasses by Quay Australia|Sunglasses|and Women’s glasses

Feel Confident and Stylish Glasses by Quay Australia|Sunglasses|and Women’s glasses

Hello there! Are you excited about stylish, fashionable glasses with the best reasonably priced collection? A place where eyewear and fashion revolution meet. Eyewear that is daring, on-trend, and effortlessly chic may help you take your style to the next level. They cover you with various eyewear options, from timeless classics to fashion-forward frames. Because life is too brilliant for dull sunglasses, you should make a statement in every shade in your collection. This is your choice, your style.

Behind the History of Quay Australia

Allen and Linda Hammond founded Quay Australia in 2004. The Melbourne, Australia-based brand has earned worldwide respect for its trendy and sensibly estimated eyewear since its establishment. Due to its creative business plans and partnerships with famous and influential people, Quay Australia has become a significant player in the worldwide eyeglass market. Because Quay grew up in a family of fun celebrations, he mixes fashion and music to make trendy, affordable glasses that can be worn for any event.

  • Sunglasses: NightFall Glasses

You can go out at night with the NIGHTFALL glasses from Quay Australia. These stylish frames are made to make a statement at night, so show off your daring side. Take your style to the next level with the right mix of edgy and classy. You can wear these glasses day or night to look stylish and up-to-date.

  • Best Sellers: After Hours Glasses

The AFTER HOURS glasses from Quay Australia change what it means to be stylish. These best-sellers are classic pieces of clothing that look great from day to night. These frames make any outfit look better because they are the right mix of class and style. This Quay’s AFTER HOURS will leave an image that lasts because your style should never stop.

  • Women’s Glasses: Evasive Glasses

Evasive glasses are a stylish way to treat yourself. These modern frames with a hint of mystery will make you look even more elegant. The Evasive glasses make a statement in any setting because they are stylish and classy. Add Quay’s signature touch to your look to make it your own. Your glasses should be as unique as you are.

A Short Overview of Their Entire Products

  • Sunglasses Collection
  • Best Sellers Collection
  • Women’s Glasses Collection

Sunglasses Collection: NightFall Glasses 

With Quay Australia’s NightFall Glasses, you can enjoy the beauty of the night. These frames are meant to make a statement after the sun goes down. They are a mix of boldness and grace. NightFall Glasses quickly raise your style level with a touch of edgy elegance. 

These glasses give your look a touch of mystery and glitz, whether going out on the town or to an event in the evening. The perfect addition for people who like to go out at night and look good doing it. With Quay’s NightFall Glasses, you can enter the scene’s spirit after hours. These glasses combine fashion with the charm of midnight.

Features of the Product

  • Lens: It is possible to use polarized, gradient, and fade lenses. 
  • Frame: The shape of a shield frame
  • Arms: The standard arms are used. 
  • Details: Specifics include a two-piece lens and a frame without rims.
  • Nose Bridge Fit: The Bridge of the Nose includes built-in universal nose cushions. 

Women’s Glasses Collection: Evasive Glasses

The Women Evasive Glasses from Quay Australia will take your style to the next level. They are the right mix of sophistication and cutting-edge design. These frames are feminine and mysterious at the same time, and they make a stylish statement with any outfit. 

Evasive Glasses are made for people who want to stand out. They combine classic style with a modern twist. Whether going on a casual date or to a special event, these glasses will make you look better. The fine details and sleek shape show that Quay is dedicated to creating fashionable glasses. Women Evasive Glasses let you be yourself and make a lasting impact. With each look, style, and grace come together.

Product Features and Speciality

  • Sleek Design: The Evasive Glasses from Quay Australia have a modern, sleek design that makes you look stylish.
  • Style That Goes With Anything: These glasses look great with a lot of different clothes and events.
  • Quality Materials: Made from high-quality materials that will last and fit well.
  • UV Protection: Evasive glasses protect your eyes from UV rays and look good at the same time.
  • Fashion-Forward: Quay Australia’s range of fashion-forward glasses will help you stay in style.

Best Sellers Collection: After Hours Glasses 

You can step into classic style with the After Hours Glasses from Quay Australia. You can wear these traditional frames daily to night without problems; they always look classy. The After Hours collection is a must-have accessory for any event because it mixes classic style with a modern twist. These glasses instantly improve your style, whether you’re going to a job or a party.

The versatile design and high-quality construction will make an impact that lasts. Enjoy the charm of After Hours, a place where classic style meets modern fashion. With Quay’s After Hours Glasses, you can change the way you look and accept the art of classic style.

Product features 

  • Lens: Prescription lenses
  • Frame: Square shape
  • Arms: Standard arms
  • Nose Bridge Fit: Built-in universal nose pads
  • Please note that our logo has changed from white to black for all prescription sunglasses


Finally, Quay Australia is a leader in the eyewear industry, with a wide range of stylish options that change how people dress and show themselves. From the classic beauty of After Hours to the edgy sophistication of NightFall and the chic grace of Evasive, Quay has built an empire of eyewear that doesn’t follow fashion. Each pair shows how dedicated the brand is to quality, new ideas, and promoting personality. Besides selling sunglasses, Quay also gives its customers a way to tell a story through their frames, which helps them show who they are. 

Fashion is more than just a decoration for Quay; it’s a statement that shows off your style and self-confidence. As the sun goes down, Quay Australia comes up, changing the glasses industry with unmatched creativity and a vision that celebrates each person’s unique beauty. This is what Quay Australia is all about elevating your style and describing your story.

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